Further thoughts on the XF 14mm..

I posted my initial impression of the XF 14mm a while back, since then I've had the chance to pair this lens with the X-T1 and really put it to test, and now I firmly believe that I have made the right choice despite the fact the new XF 16mm is faster and weather resistant. 

Once I've gotten used to the ultra wide perspective and the fact that subjects seem further away in the frame, I started to love this lens for cityscape and indoor spaces. It is very effective in creating dramatic images.  Even though it is not the fastest lens in the Fuji lineup at f/2.8, I find it more than adequate for the type of photography that I do, which is mostly reportage/documentary. And in terms of sharpness, it has that in spades.

Here are some images taken over the Doors Open weekend in Toronto. Personally I feel this lens truly shines when capturing architecture. 

Here are some images taken at the Niagara Falls, and being there made me wish this lens was weather resistant, but I managed to keep it from getting too wet. 

Overall I am very pleased with how this lens performs, in a perfect world, this lens will be weather resistant and perhaps one stop faster, but aside from these minor gripes, it has met and exceeded my expectations, and it will be a constant in my bag along with the XF 23mm and XF 35mm.