The Underground X-perience

Subway has always been a fascinating subject for an urban dweller like me, a lot of my time is spent on travelling from point A to point B, so being underground is a part of my everyday life. When you're new to the city, subway is the best way to get around town and get a sense of what the city's all about. On the flip side, when you look back on a place you visited years ago, the memories are starting to fade, but some things stand out like a well designed subway station, the smell on the platforms, the staircase, and the strange faces you've seen on the trains. These little things leave an everlasting imprint.

One of my favourite places to capture is the subway platform, and my X100S and X-T1 allow me to do that discreetly and effectively. Due to the compact size, I feel comfortable with using it in a jam-packed train or on a crowded platform. If I was holding a bulky DSLR, it would not only draw unwanted attention from the transit authority, but also intimidate and irritate fellow passengers. With the X100S/X-T1 combo, I am able to move fast and stay flexible in terms of composition. The below gallery is a chapter from my underground diary.