Street Photography through the window

My intention is to capture the moment instead of ruining it for the people in my photographs. However, sometimes I do get spotted despite being discreet, and when that happens, a little hand gesture or a smile will go a long way, and when you do get that eye contact, it makes the photo that much more interesting. That is why shooting through windows is a good way for beginners to get into street photography. You can take candid photographs without being confrontational, and even when people do give you a mean look through the glass, you can simply just walk away.

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Bonding with the X-Pro2 in Bruce Peninsula

Recently I went on a weekend trip to beautiful Bruce Peninsula, I was looking forward to a change of pace and a chance to bond with the Fuji X-Pro2.  Even though I've had this amazing camera since March, I really didn't spend enough quality time with it.

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Taking the Fuji X-Pro2 and XF56mm to the streets

I never thought I would be using a portrait lens like the 56mm for street photography. Much has been written about the image quality and the sharpness of the 56mm so I won't discuss those aspects here, this is just a pseudo-review that focuses on my experiences of using it with the X-Pro2 on the streets. 

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The Silent Shutter + Flip out screen= Purrfect for Stealth Photography

One of my favourite subjects to photograph is cats, especially street cats in their element. Sometimes It can be quite a challenge to approach these wary creatures, but the Fujifilm X-T1 allows me to get closer than any other camera I've owned.  Let me explain why.

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